Past and present of street art

In the history of mankind, we have seen different ways how people have come up with the language of protesting against anything bad. This is particularly important as the people from all over the world need to have the cooperation for the protest. Street art is a very common practise that is being practised in many countries over the world. The word “street” is particularly used to mean any place which is open to all, that is public.

There is a general thought that says that street wall is not very much supported by the government. In fact, there are supports to prove the same. It is seen that most of the street arts are either depiction of something which is very much harmful for the public or a very satirical form of art which again opposes to the then government. There are many artists growing from the late ‘80s who have started spreading the concept of street all over the world.

The history of this unique form of art says that it was started by some anonymous people and it was done very covertly in the former days. At the time it started, the artists used to have spray paints and normal fabric colours to portray their agony against the government. We are saying government all the time as most of the arts were supported on political grounds. Some graffiti’s had the head of one politician and the body of the opposition ruler, while the other graffiti showed that a small girl is crying whereas the officials are having party.

There are new themes and ways to express the rage towards the so-called democratic and hierarchical form of government. These street arts are created on behalf of the depressed people all over the world. The practise of street art is a great hit in the streets of Europe. There are regular artists who make these paintings and even get strong support from the audience. In fact, the street arts are used the advertising companies to launch their products and their testimonials. There is another thing that actually advertised the concept of street wall that is internet. The World Wide Web has helped the audience from all over the world to gather together and appreciate this innocent yet sporting way of protest. But, still today, the street art artists use pseudo names to carry on their work of art after sunset as it is still not legally supported by the government.