A small history of the great man- Kurt Wenner

The world has seen many great artists who all have made tremendous impact on the culture and history of mankind. Art and architecture has always been a matter of extreme creativity and originality and the best examples are always preserved. The world has known many artists who have given the mankind the leverage of pursuing classical art but it is definitely also gave rise to many new artists who all can be rightly called the successful successors of the great artists like Picasso, da Vinci and many more.

In this paragraph we will talk about Kurt Wenner. Not many of are aware of his name. He has been working with the NASA, where he worked as the illustrator. NASA has a post for the illustrator of the advanced space and he successfully carried out the project. Otherwise, he has attended the schools and college like any other regular guy. He successfully completed his course from the RI school of design and art centre. His love always remained for the classical form of art and he did not think twice to leave the job of NASA before packing his bags for Italy.

In his interviews, he has told many times that all he wished was to draw well. This particular thought made him grow up to where he is now. The history of paintings and sculptures made a huge impact on him. He roamed about in different places of the world just for the sake of learning the history of painting. At one point of time, he was more influenced in knowing about the perceptions of the earlier time than looking for the time he is into.

After all his explorations throughout the world, he invented something real special that made him an international figure. Kurt Wenner was strongly influenced by the concept of anamorphic art. This made him invent the concept of 3D art in the streets and the pavements. This new concept does not only require the sense of creativity but also needs a lot of practise in the alternative field of geometry. His 3D paintings have some message or the other to the world. Being a follower of classical art, most of his paintings are based on the same. He does not support the fact why classical art was rejected during the modern art age. All these, made Wenner the father of the movements taking place for the sake of art.