Basquiat: The black graffiti artist who stole the show

Art is the language of god. With age’s man have created history and epic paintings that has always inspired the mankind. There have come and gone many artists who have found their way of expression through the brushes, sculptures and other form of arts. But there has come up some new styles such as street art. To explain the darker sides of democracy, commercialism, globalisation and many other serious subjects, artists have always used satirical drawings. In this passage, we will talk about Basquiat, whose birth name is Jean Michael Basquiat.

Basquiat was an artist from the land of America. His ambiguous graffiti designs drew the attention of many art critics. Very unfortunately this talented illustrator passed away at the tender age of 27. He was born on December 22nd in the year of 1960. Reports say that his hometown is in Brooklyn, New York. However, in the year on 1988 on 12th august, he passed away. He was in the city of Manhattan at that time.

It is believed that he is a strong lover of colours. In many of his art works, there are strokes of some very bright colours. According to the experts, his strokes seem to be very random and abrupt. The colours were mixed in the pictures but they were not finely mixed. This evoked questions as it is a matter of integrity in terms of art for some of the artists. Scribbling is also a form of art if it contains a message. However, Basquiat seem to be a great artist who could deliver the satire through the scribbling along with which he created graffiti.

Some other experts have a different view about Basquiat’s paintings. They say that he has a great similarity with the art works of Sir Pablo Picasso. Basquiat at his later part of career, started to emphasis on serious art works than the graffiti. This is when critics actually took a consideration of his art works. In the ‘80s, Basquiat got the attention as an artist. The researchers have spoken to his school mates who agreed to the fact spontaneously that he was indeed a great artist.

There are now many books out on his life and they have preserved his art works. There are regular exhibitions that are being put up in Los Angeles, Boston, New York and many other places to pay homage to the great artist along with making him popular among the next generation.