Eduardo relero is now another talk of the world

The world has always been the fan of good art works. The history has always given place to the artists to make there creation. There have been different eras in the field of art and architecture. Different artists have come up and down and the world has remembered their creation. We all know that renaissance has marked the beginning of the new culture and development in the world. After that, there have come and gone many artists who made the art forms much more different from what they existed.

Eduardo relero is one such form of art. It is the art of transforming the pavements into colourful and bright forms. We all are aware of the street arts. They were made as the symbols of protesting against the governments and the other legislative acts. Eduardo relero is not the same as street art though it is also made over the public places like the pavements and the walls of the big buildings. It is mainly done in a different geometry which makes it look like 3D form of art.

Eduardo relero is more based on optical illusion. It is, as mentioned is based on the alternative geometry. Thus the painter needs to be good at geometric calculations as well. Some paintings depict that a man is falling from a tree and another man is trying to catch him. Basically the entire picture in in one dimension but it seems as if there is really a tree which has grown upwards and the man is actually being pulled by the gravity.

Eduardo relero is the name of the artist who is from Argentina. His form of art is known by the name of the artist himself. It seems that today he has a great fan following is almost an international figure. He has his contribution and creative art in different parts of the world. For instance, in Spain, in Argentina, in utopia and many other places he has shown his creativity and talent. Researchers say that this great artist first made his appearance in the year of 1990 in Rome. The murals made by him are some of the greatest master piece that the world has seen in the field of 3D street art. He is now known to live in the city of Madrid, in Spain. But his students and fans are spread all over the world. There are regular paintings put up on the streets of France, Germany, Spain etc.