The mystery graffiti artists- Banksy

There are always some people who will keep on inspiring us for years to come. It really does not matter whether they are black or white, Muslim or Christian; they live in our heart for ages with their works and their creation. One of such great man is Banksy. He has been known to us in varied names as he has been writing under pseudo names.  He is a great artist who gifted the world with some major graffiti arts.

Banksy is known to be from England. According to some researchers, he is from Bristol. We are not aware of his birth name but is definitely popularly known as Banksy. His major forum is dedicated to graffiti designs but he has also got a wide talent in the field of street art, satire and sculpture. Some of us know him as a painter, to some he is better known as a film director and for some others; he is an inspiration in the field of politics.

All great men sometime or the other take the help of satire to express views against the darker shades of human nature. Mr Banksy did the same in his graffiti designs, in his sculptures and paintings. The life of this great artist has always been guarded and is clandestine to the entire world. Except some of his friends, he is not really known to anyone, even to the people who have interviewed him. According to some great researchers, his birth name is Robin Banks. Nothing much is known about his parents and childhood. Again, there are myths which say that “Banksy is not a single artist” and it is the name given to a group of artists. There are some snaps of the artist, Banksy but there is no proof that he is the person whom the whole world talks about. When asked about, he denies the fact of him being called as Banksy.

Not many critics like the way Banksy reproduce the existing arts. He has his technique of recreating an art but that certainly generates the question of integrity. Street art is a common way to attract the attention of the common citizens and to let them know about what exactly is going on. But for serious artists mockery is the highest form of flattery and it is not entertained by all. Anyone who has the ability to make good paintings can’t be a painter similarly anyone who can make satire out of graffiti is definitely not Banksy.